Inground vs. Above Ground Pools

As we continue to face summers that are hotter, dryer, and longer than years past, you may consider adding a pool to beat the heat from the comfort of your home. This week, we’re outlining the key differences between inground and above-ground pools. 

An inground pool is built directly into the ground as a permanent fixture, usually using concrete as the primary material for construction. An above-ground pool is a semi-permanent structure made of steel, aluminum, or resin. Here are the factors to consider when deciding which type of pool is right for you:


The most apparent difference between above-ground and inground pools is price. Almost 100% of the time, an inground pool will cost more than an above-ground pool because inground pools require excavation, professional installation, pricier materials, and permits that above-ground pools do not. 

Even above-ground pools with a deck attached cost tens of thousands of dollars less than inground pools. According to HomeAdvisor, Above-ground installation ranges from $3,500 to $15,000 on average, while in-ground varieties run $20,000 to $65,000 not including fencing, patios or other extras


When it comes to safety, above-ground pools are typically the better option, especially when it comes to pets and children. This is because above-ground pools are more challenging for pets and children to wander into mistakenly, however both types of pools can be made significantly safer with fencing and pool covers.


Above-ground pools have much less opportunity for customization than in-ground pools do. Inground pools can be designed with any depth, shape, layout, or features. Above-ground pools are not customizable outside of diameter and can only be about 4 feet deep. 


In-ground pools are viewed as a major perk to buyers, who are reported to pay 5 to 8 percent more for a home with an inground pool. Above-ground pools are less permanent, harder to maintain, and not as aesthetically pleasing, and as a result, will not add nearly as much value to a property. 


Trying to decide what kind of pool will work for your home? Contact us today!

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