Building an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are summer staples in many coastal towns and have proven to be helpful in keeping sand out of the house and providing an easy way to rinse off after a long day in the sun. Installing an outdoor shower is not as difficult as one may think, as it can be as complicated or simple as you wish. They can range from a bare shower head to a fully fenced-in outdoor oasis complete with all the amenities of a typical shower. This week we’re giving you all the necessary steps to get you started on creating an outdoor shower. 

Find a Water Source

This may be the most challenging aspect of designing an outdoor shower and will likely require input from a professional. You will need to choose a location with easy access to a hose or other water source as a starting point. From there, you can attach a shower head to the outside area of your choice and run water to it. There is also the option to connect your outdoor shower to indoor plumbing, which will require professional help but is well worth it for regulating temperature. 

Lay Down Flooring

Tile or pressure-treated wood are the best options for outdoor shower flooring. Tile will do best on a downward slope to allow for proper water drainage into a yard. Pressure-treated wood with a gravel drainage system underneath for a more uniform-looking shower will work well and is available at Home Depot and many other distributors.

Install Walls

The most popular option for outdoor shower fencing is the classic wooden layout. You can hire a fencing company, which shouldn’t cost much given the small amount of fencing actually necessary for the project. However, in attractive vinyl, steel, and bamboo designs, pre-assembled fencing options are also available at most home improvement stores. 


A great outdoor shower has a few key features

  • Towel hooks
  • Plenty of shelving for toiletries
  • a fogless shower mirror
  • greenery to emphasize the outdoor feel
  • A bench for any other items
  • safety factors, such as a bar in case of slipping


Interested in creating the outdoor shower of your dreams? Contact us today!

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