5 Functional Ways to Use Floating Shelves

Do you have a few blank walls around your home that could use some cheering up? Floating shelves are a versatile and attractive option for decorating your home without breaking the bank. This week, we’ve outlined a few creative ways to incorporate floating shelves into your home. 

House Greenery

Whether you’re a dedicated botanist looking for a stylish way to show off your plants or someone who prefers more low-maintenance fake florals, utilizing floating shelves to house greenery will transform your space. 

Increase Kitchen Space

Floating shelves are a fantastic way to store plates, mugs, glasses, dry goods, and more. Especially in kitchens with muted or minimalist designs, floating shelves are a great way to give a kitchen some character.

Expand on a Bedside Table

The perfect option for bookworms who find themselves running out of space on their bedside table. Floating shelves can be a great way to decorate a bedroom and provide more space for any essentials you find yourself reaching for during your night-time routine. 

Store Bathroom Essentials

Floating shelves are a great way to have every essential bathroom item accessible. Decorate your floating shelf with hand towels, vases, candles, favorite fragrances, and art. 

Show Off Your Art Collection

Have more pieces of art than you know what to do with? Style them all together in a floating shelf arrangement to save on space!


Are you interested in incorporating floating shelves into your space? Talk with one of our professionals today!

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