De-Winterizing Your Home For Summer

Many seasonal and vacation homes are shut down during the colder months. Often, precautions are taken to get a house ready to sit vacant all winter, and opening it back up can be an overwhelming process. As the weather gets nicer, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist to get your home de-winterized and ready for summer!

Reconnect Water Supply 

Remove any aerators from faucets and reconnect any removed supply tubes and pipes. Make sure to also check the water heater and other utility appliances to ensure their water connection. Finally, confirm there are no noticeable leaks in the pipes. 

Turn On Electrical Circuits 

Make sure all of the individual breakers are in the “on” position for you to have light in the home and turn on the water.

Turn on Plumbing Fixtures

When you have the main water supply opened at least halfway, turn on all of your plumbing fixtures one by one. When you turn on faucets, air may rush out at first. Once the water runs regularly, you can turn off the faucet.

Check The Roof Gutters 

Clear any debris that may be leftover from the winter to ensure that water is carried away from your home the next time it rains.

Adjust The Alarm And Thermostat Systems 

These two are usually programmed to a particular setting if a house sits vacant all winter, so make sure to reprogram them to desired summertime settings.

Check The Sump Pump 

Rain and snow can cause basements to flood if the sump pump isn’t working correctly.

Reconnect All Household Appliances 

The winterization process likely included unplugging every appliance in the home.

Check Around Outside Of The Home

Ensure there haven’t been any issues with the foundation, and call a licensed contractor immediately if you notice any cracks. 

Replace The Air Filter

Frequently these can get clogged with dust throughout the winter months.

Test Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detection Systems 

Make sure to replace any dead batteries immediately, as they are lifesaving home features in an emergency. 


Have questions regarding de-winterizing a home or looking for help with the process? Contact us today!

Spruce up your Outdoor Living Space

We’ve all been spending more time at home, and many are making the most of this time to clean, organize, and even complete some DIY projects. 

Now that the weather is warming up, we can all start utilizing our decks, porches, and patios, giving us a change of scenery and making out homes feel more spacious. 

Keep reading for tips to spruce up your outdoor living space. 

Replace hardware. 

How old are your doorknobs, house numbers, and outdoor light fixtures? Dingy fixtures can bring down the entire curb appeal. Replacing hardware creates a new style at a low cost. 

Add some color. 

Sometimes all it takes to spruce up an outdoor living area is to add a pop of color. This can easily be done with some fresh flowers and planters, which are readily available this time of year. If flowers aren’t enough, consider repainting your doors, or add a colorful outdoor rug to your space. 

Power wash your deck or patio. 

Winter elements can leave your deck or patio looking dingy. Power wash your outdoor living space for a quick revival. You can also give a fresh coat of paint or stain to the deck if needed. 

Clean up your patio furniture.

Don’t stop with the deck and patio – clean up your patio furniture. A deep clean might be all it takes to brighten up a table and chairs. Want to add a bit more comfort? Get new seat cushions or opt for some bright pillows that make seating more comfortable. 

Set the mood with outdoor lighting.

Efficient lighting allows you to use your outdoor space after the sun goes down, adds security, and can change the entire vibe. Accent lighting highlights beautiful landscaping, while bistro string lights set a fun mood. 

Add in some fun.

What does your dream backyard look like? Yard games, a new grill, outdoor bar, or firepit can all be easily incorporated into your living space. You can involve the whole family by taking on some DIY projects and designing the space together. 

Working on your outdoor space now will give you time to enjoy it during the summer. What outdoor projects are you taking on right now? 

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