What Makes a Great Builder?

When it comes to renovating your home, you need to become accustomed to making good decisions. Of course, your first and most important decision is who you’re going to build with. The number of builders out there is overwhelming, so this week, we’re talking about all of the qualities that make a great builder.


You must choose a builder with longevity that has been building homes for many years. Having a great deal of experience enables a builder to understand a lot of the critical elements in the design of a home and avoid mistakes. 

Collaborative Skills

Any builder you work with should be able to enthusiastically listen to your needs and adapt to them seamlessly. A home renovation is your process, and a great builder should be able to hear out your ideas and collaborate with you effectively.


Great builders are constantly learning new tricks of the trade. Construction professionals need to be internalizing important information relevant to building codes, material costs, and top options on the market for every project. 

Strong Community Ties

A strong connection to the community is a solid marker of a great, reputable builder. Builders should value forging lasting relationships with clients that will depend on them for years to come, especially in a business that is based on reputation. Positive reviews from people close to you signify that you’ve found a builder that you can trust. 


We strive to ensure high-quality and sustainable outcomes for future buyers and tenants and their surrounding communities here at the Horton Group. Have more questions about what makes a great builder? Contact us today!

5 Creative Features For A Custom Built Home

Are you looking for some innovative features to add to your custom-built home?  This week, we’ve rounded up five creative ideas to make your space stand out while making your life easier!

Led Mirror

Classy and modern- an LED mirror is a no-brainer addition to a custom-built home. They help make spaces like bathrooms appear larger and add a distinctly modern statement of prestige to any room. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are handsome, easy to build, and inexpensive and will add a modern flair to any room in your home. 

Built-In Drawers Under The Stairs

Any home can benefit from more storage, and installing drawers that can be easily hidden underneath the stairs will help maximize space without creating additional clutter!

Vacuum Baseboards

Vacuum baseboards are a fantastic and convenient addition to any room with hardwood floors and can be easily installed into any new or existing home. Never deal with a dustpan again!

Heated Driveway

Never shovel again! One of the most convenient tech advancements is the heated driveway. Perfect for snowy New England winters, a  radiant heat flooring system can be installed outside to keep your driveway clear of black ice and snow!


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