Trending Kitchen Styles

With summer approaching, you may be eager to give your kitchen a new look. There are many kitchen designs constantly going in and out of fashion, but this week we’ve rounded up a few of the most stylish kitchen trends of 2022. 


This coastline-inspired style incorporates rustic elements paired with a casual feel. Open shelving, bold colors, archways, and lots of wood elements are common. The laid-back atmosphere of a Spanish style kitchen is perfect for entertaining. 


The agricultural based kitchen style employs a mix of traditional and rustic styles, with an emphasis on natural materials like wood and cotton. One of the coziest trends of the year, it’s perfect for those looking to feel comfortable and at peace in their kitchen. 


This understated kitchen style features a lot of simple white spaces, feature lights, and wooden flooring. The muted space leaves room for plenty of contemporary art and has an airy feel. 


The unique ambiance of a bohemian kitchen is filled with character and personality. This kitchen design is all about personalizing the interior with a mix of colors and unusual textures. A bohemian kitchen is great for anyone looking to create a chill, relaxed environment.


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5 Creative Features For A Custom Built Home

Are you looking for some innovative features to add to your custom-built home?  This week, we’ve rounded up five creative ideas to make your space stand out while making your life easier!

Led Mirror

Classy and modern- an LED mirror is a no-brainer addition to a custom-built home. They help make spaces like bathrooms appear larger and add a distinctly modern statement of prestige to any room. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are handsome, easy to build, and inexpensive and will add a modern flair to any room in your home. 

Built-In Drawers Under The Stairs

Any home can benefit from more storage, and installing drawers that can be easily hidden underneath the stairs will help maximize space without creating additional clutter!

Vacuum Baseboards

Vacuum baseboards are a fantastic and convenient addition to any room with hardwood floors and can be easily installed into any new or existing home. Never deal with a dustpan again!

Heated Driveway

Never shovel again! One of the most convenient tech advancements is the heated driveway. Perfect for snowy New England winters, a  radiant heat flooring system can be installed outside to keep your driveway clear of black ice and snow!


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5 Unique Dining Room Lighting Fixtures

The dining room is a central part of the home, and its lighting should create just the right mood. Choosing a lighting fixture for your dining room leaves room for a lot of creativity and plays a significant role in the mood and ambiance of the space. This week, we’ve outlined an array of creative dining room lighting fixtures to consider for your next project. 

Marya Sixteen-Light Chandelier

Clean straight lines are used to emphasize contemporary style throughout this sixteen-light chandelier.

Boasting distinct quality and charm, this Marya sixteen-light chandelier will steal the show in your decor. The brushed nickel finish is bold and elegant to complement surrounding features. Its small bulbs are attractive and eye-catching to distinguish the design.

Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light

Add a vintage flair to your home with this rustic farmhouse pendant light.

This Franklin Iron Works design offers a modern interpretation of a classic urban-industrial style. It comes in a handsome black finish and features a prominent round clear glass shade. The mouth-blown glass has a few pinprick bubbles that add to the vintage look and feel. As an added bonus, this pendant light comes with an Edison-style light bulb that’s sure to add a nostalgic glow.

Modern Three-Light Pendant Lamp

Brighten your contemporary living space with this chrome finish modern three-light pendant lamp featuring water drop style clear glass coverings.

This set of three mini pendants has a modern look that’s easy to clean and unquestionably hip. A chrome finish covers the canopy and hardware. Crystal strings are positioned neatly to surround and reflect the central halogen light while a clear glass rounded shape envelops the crystal.

Arachne 10

Showcasing a striking silhouette sparked by the space race, this 10-light sputnik brings a splash of mid-century modern style as it boosts the brightness in any arrangement. 

Crafted from metal, this fixture features a round canopy, a slim rod, and adjustable crossing arms that you can rearrange to suit your needs. Ten compatible 60 W medium-base bulbs sit exposed at the ends to cast light in an ambient direction.

Volo Linear Pendant

Reinforce the contemporary personality of your decor with this Volo energy-efficient LED linear pendant

The brushed aluminum finish distinguishes this Volo energy-efficient LED linear pendant from dweLED by W.A.C with a sleek and attractive presence. The frosted diffuser works as a valuable detail to further highlight the design with distinct detail. The high-powered LED remains energy-efficient throughout peak performance.


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Benefits of Adding a Breakfast Nook


Breakfast nooks are a fun use of space in any kitchen and have remained extremely popular since their peak in the 1930s. A practical breakfast nook can refresh a kitchen and create an intimate space for family time or entertaining while saving big on space. Often, breakfast nooks get a bad rap for being too cramped. This week, we’ve outlined a few benefits of adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen. 

Comfortable and Versatile 

Breakfast nooks are much more comfortable than a traditional kitchen table. Small and self-contained, they make every meal feel a little more intimate. Adding a breakfast nook will bring a more casual feeling to your home. Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner, doing work, or having a drink with a friend, a breakfast nook certainly doesn’t have to be limited to its name. 

They Add Charm & Style to a Home 

Usually, breakfast nooks are conveniently placed closed to bay windows or other natural light sources. Natural light has the power to make any space seem inviting, and this is especially true for breakfast nooks. Breakfast nooks are great for adding charm to your home and making the area a little more quaint. If you already have specific design elements in your home, a breakfast nook can be designed to match the pre-existing decor style of your home. Breakfast nooks can be created to reflect modern, minimalist, or traditional looks. 

Great for Entertaining 

Another benefit of installing a breakfast nook is its ability to serve as a space for entertaining. The different elements of design you choose to incorporate will allow you to create a place that feels open and intimate at the same time. It’s not always necessary to have a formal dining room to entertain guests, and many people make the mistake of writing off breakfast nooks for entertaining because they are “too cramped.” When you work with the right designer, it will 

be easy to create a space that feels as open and inviting as any other entertainment area in your home. 


The kitchen, for many, is the focal point of a home. Adding a breakfast nook can make the space all that more useful. In addition, a breakfast nook provides a great space to entertain without sacrificing comfort or capability. Are you considering taking on a kitchen remodeling project? Contact us today!

Kitchen Remodel Myths Debunked

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task, and common myths about the renovation process can make planning and execution even harder. However, spending time renovating your kitchen can refresh the feel of your entire home. This week, we’re debunking a few of the most common myths about remodeling a kitchen.

Myth #1: Kitchen Remodeling is a DIY Job

Unless you have experience as a contractor yourself, doing a kitchen renovation on your own will be complicated and messy. While many people think a kitchen renovation is pretty straightforward, they are likely not prepared to DIY when managing electric work or staying in accordance with codes. Many things can go wrong without a team of professionals who know what they’re doing, so avoid trying to DIY a major kitchen renovation.

Myth #2: Interior Designer = Kitchen Designer

An interior designer is concerned with the aesthetic of the space as a whole, while a kitchen designer’s primary focus is the usability and functionality of the kitchen space. While kitchen designers incorporate interior design elements, that’s not their main focus. If you’re looking to completely reimagine your kitchen space while prioritizing its functionality, look into finding a kitchen designer who can also appreciate interior design. 

Myth #3: The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is a layout that organizes a kitchen’s three primary workspaces (the sink, refrigerator, and stove) into a triangle to optimize efficiency when cooking. While the triangle is a practical layout for appliances, it may not be the best choice for your specific project. As the number of appliances we use in our daily life increases, many designers have begun to stray from the traditional triangle design and opt for different work zones. Some kitchen work zones include separate cooking, cleaning, serving, and eating areas. 

Myth #4: Kitchen Islands are a Must

Kitchen islands have skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade, but they might not work for every space. Including an island in your new kitchen can often take up extra space and provide less storage than cabinets. When deciding if a kitchen island is right for you, consider the amount of prep space you’ll need for cooking and how much clutter you can deal with. 


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4 Things You Can Do With an Old Garden Shed

Do you find yourself strapped for space in your home? Do you want to find a better use for your old garden shed that doesn’t get much use? Many people opt to transform their sheds into extensions of their homes to accommodate jobs and hobbies. This week, we’re talking about all of the potential spaces you can create from your old garden shed. 

A Peaceful Office Space

Are you working from home but feeling constantly distracted? Transform your old shed into a peaceful workspace. You can make sure to incorporate lots of natural light, office essentials, and personal touches to create a dynamic space where you can maximize productivity. 

A Functional Workshop

Have an interest in recreational shop work or side hustle in Carpentry? Create a workspace that incorporates plenty of electrical outlets, storage for power tools, and shelving for materials. 

A Fun Playroom

Want to provide a fun space for your kids to play without dealing with the constant hassle of picking up toys and games from all over the house? Outsource playtime to an area designated for all things fun. 

A Functional Home Gym

Want to focus on fitness but don’t have the space for a traditional home gym? Make 2022 the year you prioritize health by utilizing your old shed as a home gym. It could be as simple as a few yoga mats or as involved as a treadmill and weight machines. 


There are various ways you can transform your old garden shed into a great space. Have questions about new renovation projects? Contact us today!

The Most Popular Paint Colors for 2022

An aspect of any home remodel that is often overlooked is repainting. Every year, top paint brands release their 2022 picks for paint color of the year. This year has a focus on soft, earthy tones inspired by nature. Here are a few of the top paint picks for 2022. 

Behr: Sea-Glass Breezeway 

A relaxed and uplifting sea glass green expresses peace and tranquility for forwarding movement.

Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog 

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.  It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.

Benjamin Moore: October Mist

Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist creates a canvas for other colors -and your imagination – to blossom.

HGTV Home: Aleutian

Create space for refuge with this perfectly balanced washed indigo that sets a restful tone. Because it’s grounded in warm and cool tones, it brings relaxation to any room.

Valspar: Blanched Thyme

A cool, organic green that works beautifully with warmer wood tones for a natural and balanced look.

Farrow and Ball: Breakfast Room Green

The most cheerful of all F&B’s greens that remain lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight


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Common Home Remodel Myths Debunked

Home remodeling can be a daunting task, and common myths about the renovation process can even more so deter you from finally pulling the trigger on those renovations. However, spending time renovating your home can give it the refresh it needs and increase its overall value. Instead of wasting more time dreaming about installing new countertops or tearing apart that old bathroom, think about how you can make those dreams a reality. It’s time to debunk the three of the most common myths about home remodeling.

Myth 1: It is more expensive to hire a professional than to renovate your home yourself.

Homeowners are often under the impression that it will be less expensive if they take on remodeling projects like roofing replacements and kitchen renovations themselves. However, hiring a professional to supervise the project will typically save you time, money, and stress in the long run. There are many hidden expenses such as engineering, permits, and hiring technicians that are associated with remodeling and easy to overlook when taking on a project yourself. Contractors account for all of these factors when beginning a project, take responsibility for any issues that may occur during the remodeling process, and provide warranties on their work. While small home remodeling projects may be manageable to DIY, working with a professional on a large-scale renovation project will save you many headaches.

Myth #2: You’ll have to move out of your home until the remodeling is complete.

Homeowners are rarely required to move out while their home is under renovation. Contractors are used to working with limited space and accommodating occupants. The only time you would be asked to leave your home while renovations take place is if there are safety or structural issues. Professionals will often work with you to create a schedule so you will know when workers will be in your home.

Myth #3: Renovations will always take more time and money than planned.

If a project is properly researched and planned out, it should not take longer to complete than expected. It is important to account for some wiggle room in your projected timeline and cost in case each step does not go as planned and to ensure the project will not exceed your budget. Hiring a skilled professional to build a precise timeline and budget for your home remodeling will ensure that your renovations will be completed on schedule.

Getting started with renovations can be overwhelming. Have questions about remodeling? Our team is here to help, contact us today!

Create the Perfect Home Office

As more and more people opt to work from home these days, home offices have become an increasingly popular home addition. Having a space dedicated solely to work can increase productivity, establish a solid work-from-home routine, and help keep the boundary between work life and home life. Here are some tips on creating the perfect home office space.

Consider the Neccesities 

One of the most important steps in designing the perfect home office is assessing the electrical needs. You may need to invest in more power outlets or power strips to make sure all work-related devices can be properly set up. You should also consider the phone and internet connectivity of the space and make sure that any necessary wifi extenders or phone lines are installed. 

Another necessity in an office space? Comfort. Working from home means getting away from the fluorescent office lighting. Your space should be well lit with a bright desk lamp and ideally some natural light from a few windows to reduce eye strain from staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. 


The placement of your home office is another important factor to consider. Are there spaces in your home such as an extra bedroom, basement, or attic that aren’t being put to any use? A great place for a home office is in a location that is far away from busy parts of your home such as the kitchen or living room. If your home doesn’t have a ton of extra room, you could consider installing a dividing wall in a large room to break up the space. 


The design of office space depends on a lot of personal preferences. Do you work better in a minimalist, tidy space or a colorful one that drives creativity? What kinds of things are you prioritizing in your work from home life, comfort, function, or something else? If you’re starting from scratch by renovating an unfinished area into a home office, the space is a blank canvas. Interior design magazines and experts will help you settle on different elements of design. 


You can maximize the potential of your space by installing office features such as a built-in desk, standing workstation, and extra storage space. Consider renovating to make the most of your square footage and add a unique style to your home office while adding value to your home. 


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Avoid These Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

A bathroom renovation can be an expensive project. Whether you’re updating the entire space or just replacing a few outdated features, there are many common mistakes that homeowners make during the remodel process. When you know what to expect,  you’ll be able to plan ahead for common headaches and minimize stress during your bathroom remodel. Here are a few of the most common issues homeowners run into during a bathroom remodel.

Letting Water Out of the Shower

Showers that spray or leak water can be incredibly frustrating. The last thing you want to deal with in your finished bathroom is a soaked floor after every shower. That’s why it’s important to pay attention when you’re installing shower tiles. Make sure the tile is slightly sloped towards the drain so that all of the water from the shower is directed to the right place. Accounting for this common mistake could save you money in the future by preventing deterioration and water damage. 

Not Incorporating Enough Storage Space 

Another aspect of bathroom design that many people don’t consider is adequate storage space. While many like to include more space between fixtures, it’s important for your design not to be too minimalistic. Make sure you have enough space to store personal items, paper products, and linens. Make sure to be practical and include plenty of cabinets, closet space, and built-in nooks for storage. 

Failing to Plan Out the Details

Before you start the demolition process, it’s critical to map out a thorough replacement plan. The smallest of decisions, such as paint color or shower tile, shouldn’t be saved for the last minute. These details could end up having a huge influence on the aesthetics of your new bathroom. Planning out every detail meticulously will also make for a much quicker timeline. 

Cutting Corners On Plumbing 

Many big box stores and discount outlets offer cheap plumbing kits. While the initial reduced price may seem attractive, you should educate yourself on how opting for a cheap kit could cost you in the future. Oftentimes, plumbing fixtures from big box stores are made with low-quality plastic parts rather than metal. Most experienced plumbers will often refuse to install cheap plastic hardware. Specify plumbing for your project through a professional plumbing supply company.

Installing an Exterior Window in the Wrong Spot

While it should go without saying, you need to be careful when choosing the placement of a bathroom window (especially on the ground floor). There are builders that will recommend using a fan with an outside window as a backup method of ventilation, but make sure you are accounting for the view in and out of the bathroom. Keep in mind that bushes do wonders for privacy in the warmer months, but won’t be much help in concealing bathroom windows during the winter. 


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